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The most reverend Suffia-E-Karam (Mystics) of the Indo-Pak sub continent reflected the true image of Islam in the most acceptable and attractive manner. As a result, it kept on flourishing at an ideal but constant speed. Sincerely of intention, passion for the service of humanity and love for all were the salient features of their untiring struggle. There were an ideal harmony of words and actions. Besides ultimate truth, they felt an equal importance for knowledge and deeds. The tragic element of the history is that Muslim Ummah did not pay leed to these sublime thoughts and facing decline now.

Aims and Objectives:-
  • To make people aware of the teachings, sublime thoughts and lives of the most respectable Suffia-E-Karam.
  • To create an ideal harmony between Mashaikhs and Shrines.
  • To make shrines an ideal and complete training center for spiritual exercises (internal as well as external reforms).
  • To achieve these aims and objectives, Forum is busy day in and day out, not only in Pakistan but abroad as well.


  • Organizing Darse-Quran monthly.
  • Organizing Darse - Tasawwuf annualy for 10 days in the holy month of Ramadan.
  • Organizing Seminars in the remembrance of the most influential and acceptable characters of Indo-Pak sub conteinent’s “Hazrat Khawaja  Moeen-ud-Din Chishti (RH)”, Hazrat Khawaja Nizam-ud-Din Aoulia (RH)” and  “ Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi (RH)”.
  • To systemize the performance of all these takes we have laid the foundation of “Hazrat Khawaja Muhammad Yaar Faridi Complex” at Astana-e-Alia Garhi Shareef, Tehsil Khanpur, Dist. Rahimyar Khan.
Details are as under 
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